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Wood's Solicitors provides a comprehensive service, backed by considerable experience, in dealing with all types of commercial property transactions including:

  • Buying and selling business property.

  • Acquiring and disposing of development sites.

  • The sale of residential building plots.

  • Related mortgage work.

  • Options to purchase and the grant of rights of first refusal.

  • Tax issues concerning property.

  • Obtaining the necessary rights required for development.

Our service also extends to both landlords and tenants of business properties and in particular we can advise on:

  • Preparing new leases for landlords.

  • Helping prospective tenants negotiate terms for a new lease.

  • The renewal of business leases and dealing with any necessary applications to the Court.

  • Sales where the seller wishes to take a leaseback of the property.

  • Consents required under the terms of a lease, for example to transfer, to sublet, for change of use and to undertake alterations.

  • Rent reviews and issues relating to the repair and condition of the property.

We are also able to advise on general matters such as planning, bank guarantees and security documentation, rights and obligations which affect properties and environmental issues.

Although property disputes are rare, we are also happy to advise both owners of land, tenants and third parties as to their rights and obligations.

In most cases we try and agree in advance a fee for undertaking work but this may not be possible in complex cases.

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