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Wood's Solicitors can advise on a wide range of disputes, employment problems (for both employers and employees) and also issues arising from a marriage or relationship breakdown. We are aware that such matters can become both stressful and potentially expensive and we aim to try and them both quickly and cost-effectively. We do not however deal with criminal work and accident claims nor do we accept instructions on matters which solely concern the welfare and rights of children. However as a member of the Connect 2 Law (TM) scheme we are able to refer people to a firm of solicitors specialising in those areas of work.

We neither undertake any publicly funded work (Legal Aid) nor provide a free initial consultation.

We can provide help in the following situations:

  • Issues between landlords and tenants.

  • Boundary and property disputes.

  • Consumer disputes and sale of goods.

  • Contractual problems.

  • Issues concerning wills and claims on estates.

  • Debt collection.

  • Divorce and the division of matrimonial property.

  • Changes in terms of employment, unfair dismissal and redundancy.

Our aim is always seek to settle disputes by negotiation. In some cases we encourage clients to try and resolve disputes using alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation and arbitration. These procedures can be more informal and less adversarial. It is often the case that if a dispute is settled by such means the overall cost can be significantly reduced.

However court action is sometimes unavoidable and if this occurs we will provide a robust and efficient presentation of your case in order to gain the best possible result.
We aim to provide a high quality service and will deal with your matter in a friendly and professional manner. We also work hard to ensure that there is regular communication to ensure you are kept informed about the progress of your case.

Many contractual disputes arise because the parties do not properly or adequately record what they have agreed. We are able to provide initial advice and deal with the preparation of:

  • Commercial Contracts.

  • Terms and conditions of trading.

  • Supply agreements.

  • Employment and service contracts.

  • Business sale contracts

  • Separation agreements between husband and wife.

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