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A will is the instrument by which you can ensure that your assets go to the right people and that the provision for your partner or spouse, children and other family members accords with your wishes. It can also help in reducing any potential inheritance tax liability.

If a person dies without leaving a valid will, their estate passes in accordance with the Intestacy Rules which were established by Act of Parliament. In certain cases the effect of the Rules is that a person's property may not pass to the people they would wish to benefit. For example a spouse does not automatically inherit everything from their husband/wife. In the case of an unmarried person, the estate may pass to distant or even unknown relatives. A second marriage can also complicate matters. In all cases a properly prepared will ensures that your wishes are achieved.

In addition to stating how you wish to dispose of your estate you can:

  • Set out funeral arrangements

  • Appoint an executor - the person responsible for the administration of your estate

  • Create a trust for children or other family members

  • Appoint a guardians for your children

If your circumstances change, we can also advise you on updating your will.

Inheritance Tax Planning

If you own and run a business we can advise on issues such as succession, transferring shares and assets, and help you to plan the most tax-efficient strategy.

Probate & Estate Administration

We deal with estates of all sizes and can act for you in obtaining probate (if there is a will) or letters of administration (if there is not), collecting in assets, paying liabilities and distributing the estate according to the terms of the will or the Intestacy Rules.

Powers of Attorney

If you wish to plan ahead for a time when you might not be able to manage your own financial affairs then we can prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney. We can also deal with specialist powers of attorney which may be required in certain circumstances.

Court of Protection Work

The Court exists to protect the property of people under a mental disability and will appoint a receiver to manage their affairs. We can make applications on behalf of other family members.

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